About Maloe

Hi, I’m Maloe

I am a yoga teacher, wellbeing coach and founder of Malu Mindful. My passion is my job and I am very grateful for that. I support others in their personal development and in be(come)ing themselves. We sometimes lose ourselves by thoughts from within or by external influences.

All the answers are already in you, but sometimes you cannot reach them. You feel that you can go in a different direction, but it is exciting to choose what is really right for you. Life becomes so much better and richer if you dare to live from your strength, dreams and confidence.

I have also been able to experience this, as I have not always made choices that were good for me in the past. I had many ups, but also deep lows that I could not always control. In retrospect, it all made me stronger and let me grow further. Now that I know what it feels like to live on the basis of what is right for me, the sky is the limit. I feel happier and more powerful. I can be myself and show all my sides. That feels fantastic and I would like nothing more than for you to experience the same feeling.

I founded Malu Mindful from my deepest wish to strengthen others during their journey of personal growth and discovery. With lots of love, warmth and compassion I am ready to contribute to your dream life. I am happy to use my experience as a yoga teacher and coach for you to get further than where you are right now.

My wish is for everyone to feel happy, healthy, confident and resilient.

With a lot of love and positive energy I teach yoga online and offline to beginners and intermediate yogis. Important elements for me are balance, relaxation, (self)love and compassion. Together we improve our mental and physical flexibility. This is also reflected in my coaching sessions, Moon Magic Retreats, One Day Retreats and Cacao Ceremonies. Connecting together creates a deeper connection with yourself and others.

I see life as a trip of growth and self discovery, full of steep mountain paths, impressive views and inspiring obstacles that make us stronger. Life is filled with enriching lessons and my mission is to help others to be happy, healthy, confident and resilient in life.

I like to support you in taking steps to create your dream life. I believe that you can achieve a lot in this life based on trust and confidence, and I am happy to pass this (self)confidence on to you. The most beautiful thing you can become, is yourself.

Love, Maloe

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