A lovely relax massage from € 35, –

Do you feel tension or restlessness in your body? Do you spend a lot of time seated? Do you move less during this time and do your muscles feel stiff as a result? Then a relax massage is something for you! A self-care moment in these uncertain times. You do not have to do anything. Let all your worries, tension and to do’s slide off and enjoy this gift to yourself.

From December 1, 2020 you can contact me (Maloe) for a 60 mins relax massage for women. I give these at my home in Rotterdam, Centrum-West area. Would you like to book a massage with me? You can text me (if you have my nr) or send me an email at You can also gift a massage to someone. How thoughtful of you!


  • 1 massage = € 35,-
  • 2 massages = € 70,- (valid for 3 months after buy)