Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions Malu Yoga

1.1. Participation in the classes is at your own risk. If in doubt about the health of a participant, (s)he is advised to consult a general practitioner or specialist.
1.2 Respect your limits and don’t force them. Before starting the class, inform your teacher of any health problems or other physical details (eg high blood pressure, neck and / or back problems, injuries, etc.).
1.3 Malu Yoga does not accept any liability for physical injury incurred before, during or after class as a result of yoga practice.
1.4 Malu Yoga is not liable for material or immaterial damage as a result of any accident or injury of the participant.
1.5 Malu Yoga is not liable for loss, embezzlement, theft or damage, both direct and indirect, of or to the participant’s property.
1.6 Damage caused by the participant, whether intentionally or through improper use, to the property of Malu Yoga must be compensated.

2.1 The participant buys a yoga class pass or a single class with which (s)he can participate in the yoga classes.
2.2 After paying via the online payment link, the class offer can be used immediately.
2.3 Cancellation must be reported no later than 2 hours before the start of a class. Unsubscribing before this time is free of charge and can be done via the class schedule, which can be found in the Momoyoga app or on the Malu Yoga website. In case of late cancellation, the class contribution can not be refunded and is for your own account.

3.1 Participants can pay for a single class online or purchase a class pass.
3.2 A class pass of Malu Yoga is strictly personal and not transferable.
3.3 A 5-class pass for Yoga in Het Park is valid for 2 months from the day of purchase.
3.4 A 10-class pass for Yoga in Het Park is valid for 4 months from the day of purchase.
3.5 If the participant does not make use of the right to participate in the classes within the period of validity of the class pass, no refund will be made.
3.6 If the participant goes on holiday for 3 weeks or longer, the class pass can be extended for a fixed period in consultation with Malu Yoga.
3.7 If after the last yoga class in Het Park in 2020 there are still valid credits left on the class pass, these will be transferred to a credit for studio classes and / or online classes.

Article 4: SCHEDULE
4.1 The schedule on the website and in the Momoyoga app is linked and leading.
4.2 Malu Yoga is closed on public holidays, unless stated otherwise on the schedule.

5.1 Malu Yoga reserves the right to adjust its prices. Adjustment of prices will be communicated on the website.
5.2 Malu Yoga reserves the right to change the layout of the schedule in terms of time, program and location.
5.3 Malu Yoga reserves the right to cancel a scheduled class or change the teacher named on the class schedule, due to teacher illness or other circumstances.
5.4 Closure of Malu Yoga due to holidays will be communicated in time on the website and via socials.

Article 6: COVID-19 MEASURES
6.1 The participant takes responsibility for complaints that resemble the symptoms of COVID-19 that have been drawn up by the RIVM, and skips class.
6.2 During the class, all participants and teachers must always keep a distance of one and a half (1.5) meters from each other.
6.3 The participant is responsible for bringing a yoga mat to class.
6.4 Participant will bring (optional) warm clothing for cooling down (Savasana).

7.1 The same conditions as mentioned in Article 1 apply to workshops and events, with regard to deductible and liability.
7.2 You can register for workshops and events via the class schedule or by sending an e-mail to info@maluyoga.nl. Registration takes place in the order of registration. The confirmation will be sent by email. Your registration is final after payment has been received by us.
7.3 Cancellation is free of charge up to 72 hours before the start of the workshop or event. In case of cancellation after this date, the full costs remain due to Malu Yoga and refund is not possible. If you have to cancel due to illness or any other valid reason, a different solution can be sought in consultation.
7.4 If a workshop or event is fully booked, you can be placed on the waiting list. Send an e-mail to info@maluyoga.nl.
7.5 When a workshop or event takes place outside and the weather is too bad to have it take place, the workshop or event will be moved to another date. If this date does not work for you, your money will be refunded.