Types of yoga

Vinyasa Flow Yoga
This Vinyasa Flow is a dynamic yoga class, in which we focus on our strength, breathing and balance. After this class, you’ll feel relaxed and powerful. 

Power Vinyasa Yoga
An energetic and powerful class on your Monday evening! During this class, you can be completely yourself and you’ll become acquainted with strength, awareness, balance and surrender.

HIIT & Yoga
Our own mix of High Intensity Interval Training and Yoga. We start with a warming up and sun salutations, followed by 3-4 rounds of about 5 HIIT exercises. After this cardio workout, yoga stretches and poses will help you calm your body down and relax. This promotes full muscle recovery aiding in more effective strength building and fat burning.

Booty Yoga
Yoga meets Booty. Want to work on a peachy perfect booty and a balanced body&mind? We’re combining poses like sun salutations, squats, pulse lunges, glute bridges, and relaxing poses in this Booty Yoga class. 

Yin Yoga New!
A restorative class in which you can fully calm down and relax. To enhance a deeper stretch, we stay in poses for a few mins.

Yoga Nidra Nieuw!

Pregnancy Yoga starting Summer 2021